קבוצת משוב 11-12th June 2019
International Exhibition of Agriculture

After 66 years there are good reasons to be proud


Greetings from Meir Zur, Secretary General of the Moshav Movement and Chairman of the Farmers’ Association

Recently the cost of living in Israel has again became a topic for discussion and the price of fruit, vegetables and dairy products has become a tool for taunting the farmers and for covering up the deeper challenges facing Israeli society.
By concentrating on the costs, the State of Israel does not differentiate between the farmer who is producing the best produce at the lowest price in the Western world, and those who reap the benefits from the profit margins of the middleman. This is true in all areas of agriculture, both in fresh produce and in processed products.
Unfortunately, Israeli society generally does not value local production, neither in agriculture nor in industry and this is characterized by the search for arbitrary reductions in prices and the absence of any broad, long-term vision of the value and importance of domestic production. Israeli production in agriculture and industry means economic and social security with respect for and pride in the people who work and produce and with respect and a feeling of belonging to a productive people whose products they have made themselves and for whom the work itself has value in their eyes.

I believe that as a nation and as a society we need to define the work, the flavors and the aromas that characterize and are unique to us and on this basis to continue developing our home, just as a family.
I believe that as a nation and as a society we need to continue to put down moral roots, absorbing from significant actions to help devotedly those who are nurtured to grow, just like trees.
We cannot do this if we cut down the production sectors – both in agriculture and industry, which are the basis for all this.

When Israel was created, our fathers wanted to build a state based on the values of education and culture, which would be a light unto the nations in all areas. They dreamed of an independent state in the broadest sense of the word, a state built with hard work and sweat, based on the vision as expressed in the daily life of every one of its citizens. A country protected by its army and soldiers; a state in which the new Jew, the sabra, the farmer, would work his land, strike roots and produce agricultural products; a country in which businessmen would develop and actually work and take pride in thriving factories.

After 66 years there are good reasons for pride. The State of Israel has built up agriculture and industry that are among the most advanced in the world and we as a society need to understand and internalize what is our backbone, to work and strengthen the home by encouraging and supporting local production, encouraging the manufacturers in industry and the farmers in various branches to continue their important work.
Let us remain committed to our sources, and remember what the late David Ben-Gurion said:
"A homeland cannot be bought with money or conquered by the sword. You must create it from the sweat of your brow".
I would like, on this festive occasion, to congratulate Haim Allouche and Avi Paz, the joint CEOs of the exhibition, who are continuing this vital and honorable tradition and produce each year an exhibition adjusted to local and global trends and changes while bringing the best of agricultural technology and those who do the work.
Also this year you have identified the potential in the emerging Russian market and you chose to dedicate the opening session to the challenges and opportunities embedded in this market.

I wish us all a fruitful and enjoyable exhibition!

Meir Zur

Secretary General of the Moshav Movement
Chairman of the Farmers’ Association in Israel

תגיות : Meir Zur,